Updating cloned tables from Dev Studio

Update cloned rule, data, work, and history tables with the schema changes in the latest base tables by using the Upgrade Applications Schema utility in Dev Studio.

Before you begin: You must log in as an administrator to use this tool.
  1. Click Configure > System > Release > Upgrade > Upgrade Applications Schema.
  2. Click Run. The system displays the differences between your cloned tables and the new base tables.
  3. Review the differences between your cloned tables and the latest base tables. The system organizes the differences in the following categories:
    • Missing Pega Platform shipped schema
    • Upgrade Rule Tables
    • Upgrade Data Tables
    • Upgrade Work and History Tables
    Note: If there are no differences in a category, the corresponding bullet does not appear.
  4. Apply the changes in one of the following ways:
    • To automatically apply the changes, click Apply schema.
    • To download SQL files of the changes, click View and download schema. The system creates a outputschema.zip file of changes. Give this file to your database administrator to apply.