Segregating cases

If your pc_work table contains cases from two or more unrelated applications, segregate cases into a dedicated table.

Note: If you created the applications using New Application wizard, each work pool has a dedicated table named pc_ZZZZZ_Work and you do not have to segregate cases into a dedicated table.
  1. Create a database table by copying the schema for the standard pc_work table. Be certain to update the CONSTRAINT element in the new table to reference itself, not the old pc_work table.
  2. Expose the columns for new properties in the application in the new table or tables as desired.
  3. Within the portal, create a database table instance ( Data-Admin-DB-Table class) for the class group, referencing the new table.
  4. Create a database table instance for the History-ZZZZZ class, where ZZZZZ is the name of the class group, mapping instances to the pc_history_work table.
  5. Copy the view definitions pcv4_assignment_summary and pcv4_assignmentwb_summary and adjust them to reference the new tables.