Work item reports

Standard reports on work items are based on the exposed columns in the schema of the pc_work table for work items, and the pc_history_work table for history instances for work items.

Work items are stored in the pc_work table, and work item history instances are stored in the pc_history_work table. This relationship is defined by the two database table instances Work- and History-Work-.

When you create new work types and corresponding work history classes using the Application Accelerator, the system maps the new work classes appropriately into these two tables.

However, when you create a concrete class by using the Class form, the default mapping is to the pr_other table (and the pr_history table, for history). These mappings are not appropriate for work items and may cause SQL errors or JavaScript failures. You can remedy this by adding the two appropriate database table instances.

Two standard database views are linked to the Data-Assignment-Summary and Data-Assignment-WBSummary classes. These support custom worklist and assignment reporting. Update these view definitions if you use these views and you change or copy the pc_work table.