Setting the outbound port for cluster communication

By default, the system uses an ephemeral port for outbound communication. If you have a security or firewall policy that restricts the ports that can be used for cluster communication, you can specify which ports to use.

You can specify the ports by using a Dynamic System Setting or by adding cluster/hazelcast/outboundports to the prconfig.xml file.

To specify a port by using a Dynamic System Setting:

  1. Click Create > SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
  2. In the Short description field, enter a meaningful description of the setting.
  3. In the Owning Ruleset field, enter Pega-Engine.
  4. In the Setting Purpose field, enter prconfig/cluster/hazelcast/outboundports/default.
  5. Click Create and open.
  6. In the Value field, enter a comma-separated list of the port numbers to use, for example, 3000, 3004, 3007. To specify a range of ports separate the beginning port and ending port with a dash, for example, 3000-3005.