HA Cluster Management

The HA Cluster Management page details the current status of any nodes running in high availability mode and is used to perform quiesce actions for a node.

Operators with the following roles can access this page:

  • PegaRULES:HighAvailabilityAdministrator
  • PegaRULES:HighAvailabilityQuiesceInvestigator

You can access this page by clicking Configure > System > High Availability > HA Cluster Management.

Note: Data is accurate after two system pulse cycles.

The following data is displayed on this page for each node.

Column Description
Node The name of the node
NodeID The node ID
Runstate The status of the node:
  • Running
  • Stopped
  • Quiesce Complete
  • Quiesce Start
Active Users The number of active users
Last Pulse The date and time of the last system pulse
Last Started The date and time that the node was last started

To perform an action on any of the nodes listed on this page, select the check box next to the node(s) and then click one of the following buttons:

  • Quiesce – Begin the quiesce process for the selected node(s).
    Note: When using the slow drain method for quiesce, you must take the node(s) out of the load balancer rotation before performing this action.
  • Cancel Quiesce – Cancel the quiesce process for the selected node(s).
  • Refresh Data – Refresh the node data listed on the page.