Immediate drain quiesce

Immediate drain for quiesce on a highly available system is the default method for quiescing a node. The following behavior occurs on a Pega Platform server when the quiesce process is enabled.

  • When a node is placed in a quiesce mode, all users (new and existing) are passivated immediately and the node can be removed from the load balancer at the same time. Existing active requestors that are locked are passivated at the end of the current interaction.
  • Access to the quiescing node is allowed for all users until the node is removed from the load balancer.
    • Active requestors can continue sessions on the quiescing node.
    • New sessions can be created on the quiescing node.
    • Requestor data is saved after each interaction and the requestor is removed from memory.
    • For each new interaction, the saved requestor data is used to activate the session on the node selected by the load balancer.
Note: When using the immediate drain method to quiesce a node, any operator can access a quiesced server for root cause analysis or remediation, regardless of the operator's user role or privileges.