Methods for quiescing a node

Quiesce is a process for cleanly taking a Pega Platform node out of service for maintenance or other activities.

When a node is being quiesced, active users are migrated to an active node when the quiescing node is no longer available.

You can quiesce a node by using one of the following methods:

You can use the AES, or high availability landing pages to quiesce a node. For more information about these management tools, see Cluster management.

You can also quiesce a node by using a REST API. For more details, see Pega API.

To switch the quiesce method from the default immediate drain to slow drain, change the value of the session/ha/quiesce/strategy setting in the prconfig.xml file to "slowDrain" and restart the node.

Note: All Pega Platform nodes on a physical or virtual machine must be quiesced before you can perform maintenance on the machine.