Configuring index host nodes

In a multi-node cluster system, the index files required for search can be hosted on one or more nodes. To ensure high reliability and minimize search query downtime, configure at least two, and preferably three nodes as search host nodes.

Note: For a new installation, allocate at least 1 GB of free space for the search index files. For an upgrade, allocate three times the amount of space previously configured on the Search landing page for index files. This extra space is recommended to optimize performance.

If you add a host node, wait until the new node is displayed with Node Status equal to online before configuring additional nodes. Click Refresh to refresh the display.

You can add and delete index host nodes interactively. You can delete index nodes by using a script that uses a direct connection to the database.

For more information on configuring index host nodes interactively, see Configuring index host nodes from the user interface.

For more information on removing index host nodes by using a direct connection to the database, see Removing index host nodes by using a direct connection to the database.