Configuring Dynamic System Settings for search

You can enable search by using Dynamic System Settings.

  1. To view an existing setting, from the navigation panel, click Records > SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings. To create a new setting, click Create > SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
  2. Create and configure the following settings by clicking Create.
    Dynamic System Setting Default Description
    indexing/distributed/transport/port 9300-9400 Enables communication between nodes. Open a TCP port for each node in a Pega Platform cluster and make each port available for the indexing engine to use (for internal node-to-node communications only).
    indexing/distributed/batch/numworkers 2 Controls the number of threads on each node that process entries in the search queue during bulk indexing operations such as clicking the Re-Index button on the Search landing page.
    indexing/distributed/search_timeout_millis None Sets a search query time-out limit in milliseconds.
    indexing/distributed/masternode_discovery_timeout_millis 30 Sets the time-out to wait in milliseconds, for all nodes of a cluster, checking for an index node to become available during the startup process. If an index node is not available, the node starts after the time-out; it does not wait for the indexing node to become available.

    Node initialization synchronizes the nodes once the indexing node is available.

    alerts/search/operationtime_threshold None Generates alerts for search queries whose response time, in milliseconds, exceeds the specified threshold.
    indexing/distributed/enable_inter_node_encryption false Specifies whether encryption and authentication are enabled for communication among search nodes.
    indexing/distributed/enable_onlyselectedfieldsinfulltextsearch false Specifies whether to include only those properties with the Make this property available for full-text search option selected on the relevant Custom Search Properties instance.
    indexing/distributed/search/displaySecuredProperties false Specifies whether to include properties with access control policies in search results.
    indexing/distributed/search_maxclausecount 1024 Specifies the maximum number of search clauses. For example, when you have a filter such as pxObjClass StartsWith "Data-Admin*", and if there are more than 1024 values of pxObjClass that would match, you would exceed the default maximum.
  3. In the Short description field, enter a short description.
  4. In the Owning Ruleset field, enter the owning ruleset, for example, Pega-RulesEngine.
  5. In the Setting purpose field, enter the setting as shown in the preceeding table. For example indexing/distributed/batch/numworkers.
  6. Click Create and open.
  7. In the Value field, enter the value. For example, 3.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat this procedure for the remaining settings.
  10. Click Save.