Application debugging using the Tracer tool

You can test and debug your applications by using the Tracer tool. You can test and debug activities, data transforms, decision rules, service rules, parse rules, and processes. You can select which rulesets, rules, and events to trace; set breakpoints and watch variables; trace reference properties; select which requestor session to trace; and add custom events to Tracer output. You can also troubleshoot offline-enabled applications in a browser by testing scripts that are running when the application is running.

You can also trace services and listeners anywhere in the cluster by using RuleWatch trace.

When you set up trace conditions and start tracing, you can view the Tracer output in the Tracer window or save the Tracer output to your local system.

Note: When using this tool for Customer Service chat interactions, be aware that a single browser session can be served by multiple requestors.

To troubleshoot offline-enabled applications, enable the use of the Tracer tool in a browser. For more information, see Troubleshooting offline-enabled applications with the Tracer tool in a browser on Pega Community.

Note: The Tracer tool is not available during a test coverage session.