Configuring trace conditions

Before you run the Tracer tool, optionally configure trace conditions, based on the activity, data transform, rule, and so on, that you are testing and debugging. If you do not configure trace conditions, the default conditions are used.

  1. On the developer toolbar, click Tracer, or click Actions > Trace on an activity, data transform, or service rule form.
  2. Optional: Configure Tracer settings. Select which events, event types, rulesets, and pages to trace, break conditions, and options for the amount of output that you want the Tracer to generate.
  3. Optional: Send the Tracer output to a file. This option is useful if you want to work offline with the Tracer results instead of using the Tracer window.
  4. Optional: Set breakpoints to stop the Tracer at specific steps in activities.
  5. Optional: Set watch variables to detect when processing has changed the value of a property.
  6. Optional: Select a requester session other than your own current session to trace. By default, the Tracer traces your own requester session.