Tracer event queue overflows

Each Tracer session uses a file buffer that holds up to 500 events not yet processed for display. Some complex tracing situations reach this limit and additional events are discarded.

The following message is displayed:
Event queue is overflowing on server, events will be discarded.

To avoid this situation, select fewer rulesets or event types, and then repeat the operation.

If this message occurs often, you can increase the file buffer size so that it can contain more events. If the problem persists after you have set a larger buffer size, your application may contain an infinite loop.

Various conditions can cause the event queue to fill up. For example, if the Tracer and the traced requestor session are running on one client workstation, then both sessions share the normal limit of two HTTP operations to the server. If the traced operations involve many HTTP operations, then the Tracer contends with other browser operations for access to the server. This contention can cause the Tracer to drain the event queue more slowly, causing an event queue overflow.