Adjusting the buffer size of the Tracer header

You can adjust the buffer size of the Tracer header to increase the limit for unprocessed events. By default, the system saves up to 50,000 items for unprocessed events during a Tracer operation. If the buffer exceeds this limit, Tracer processing ends.

  1. Edit the prconfig.xml file and add the following lines: <env name="tracer/queue/type" value="file" /><env name="tracer/queue/file/limit" value=" <env name=" tracer/queue/header/limit" value="nnnnn" /
    where nnnnn is a nonnegative integer.
    Note: As an alternative to updating the prconfig.xml file, you can use Dynamic System Settings to configure your application.
  2. Stop and restart (or redeploy) the server node to enable the change.