Rulesets to trace

You can select the rulesets to trace in the Tracer Settings dialog box. The dialog box lists all of the rulesets that you can access, in the order they appear in your ruleset list, based on your access group and other sources.

The Tracer always enforces ruleset access controls. Whether you trace your own session or another user's session, Tracer output includes only information about the execution of rules in the ruleset that you selected. The Tracer window does not identify gaps that were caused by this restriction.

The Pega- rulesets listed last are base Pega Platform rulesets. You can select them for tracing, but the Tracer might produce large quantities of output. You can trace flows in your application rulesets without selecting the Pega-ProCom ruleset or other base rulesets.

The rulesets that you select do not affect Tracer output for when rules. If you selected the When rules End option in Events to Trace, Tracer shows the outcome of every rule that you execute, in any ruleset.