Copying a class structure

At times, when following installation or migration of a RuleSet or product ZIP file, it may be desirable to mirror or "clone" a class structure.

For example, two similar but separate companies Delta and Omega can use one application in the MORTGAGE RuleSet. The MORTGAGE application includes several work types, each a class belonging to a single class group (say Mortgage).

Both Delta and Omega will use the same rules, but will apply the rules to distinct work types belonging to two distinct class groups (work pools). Users at each company can create work items identified as W-1234, and reports for each company will include only work items, assignments, and other data for that company.

The classes needed are similar to these:

  • Delta-Div-Work-Mortgage-WorkType1
  • Delta-Div-Work-Mortgage-WorkType2
  • Omega-Div-Work-Mortgage-WorkType1
  • Omega-Div-Work-Mortgage-WorkType2

and so on.

To support such situations, the Direct Inheritance wizard creates a new set of classes (one of which corresponds to a class group) that match the classes below a specified class. Through directed inheritance, the new classes inherit rules from those in the MORTGAGE RuleSet.

  1. Select Configure > Data Model > Classes and Properties > Clone Class Group to start the Direct Inheritance wizard.
  2. Complete the first form with the following information:
    • The RuleSet that contains the classes to be replicated
    • The class group (work pool) to be replicated
    • A new name for the class group to be created
    • Choose any value for the strategic process; this field is not used
  3. Click Next. Complete the second form:
    • The RuleSet to contain the new classes
    • Checks for each class to be replicated
  4. Click Next to start replication. The final form identifies the classes, Database Table, and class group that were created.