file JavaServer Page tag

Use the file JSP tag within a static JSP tag to identify a single text file rule ( Rule-File-Text rule type) to be included in the current stream.

For example:

<pega:static type="script" app="webwb" ><pega:file name="Markov.js" /><pega:bundle name="Acmestyles" /></pega:static>

This tag references the text file rule named webwb.Markov.js.

Complete syntax

In the syntax presentation below:

  • JSP delimiters <pega:...> and </pega:...> mark the start and end of the tag.
  • Replace any text in italics with your choice of value of that type.
<pega:file name="myname.type" / >

The name attribute is required.

Attribute Value
name Second and third key part of a text file rule to be sent as static content. All rules within one static tag must contain JavaScript, or all must contain CSS styles. All files included within one <pega:static ..> tag must have the same first key part ( Application Name Directory ).

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