JavaServer Pages tags

JavaServer Pages tags can appear in all rule types derived from the Rule-Stream class.

Correspondence Control
Correspondence Fragment List View (deprecated)
Flow action Paragraph
Harness Section
HTML Summary View (deprecated)
HTML Fragment XML

The following tags govern how the stream processing facility converts and assembles a text stream for a user's browser, for outgoing correspondence, or for outgoing XML text.

Tag Use
acDataSource Defines the source of text values for an autoComplete JSP tag.
assert Use to make processing more efficient when working with one or more concrete classes and the Obj-List method.
autoComplete Supports a user interface drop-down facility that matches candidates from the first few characters a user types.
binaryfile Used within the static JSP tag to identify a binary file rule.
bundle Used within the static JSP tag to identify a static content bundle rule.
choose Use with the when tag to select one section of source code to process. The otherwise JSP tag may appear within the choose tag.
chart Display a chart derived from a summary view rule.
contentURL Include a non-rule-resolved image in a stream.
dataGrid Reserved.
dsField Supports the acDataSource tag.
dsFields Supports the acDataSource tag.
file Used within the static JSP tag to identify a text file rule.
forEach Iterate through the properties contained in a Page or Page List structure.
include Insert another stream rule into the current stream.
listTolist Defines a list-to-list control that allows users to select multiple values from a list.
listView Support run-time display of list view reports within sections. The param JSP tag may appear within the listView tag.
lookup Retrieve and include the value of a property from an instance that is not present on the clipboard.
onlyonce Cause a named section of text to be evaluated during stream processing only the first time it appears.
properties-mapping Supports the listTolist tag.
r Include the value of a property on the clipboard. Short form of the reference tag.
reference p:r Include the value of a property on the clipboard.
save Save a value with an associated name for reuse later in the current stream.
static Include the contents of one or more static file bundle rule ( Rule-File-Bundle rule type) or text file rules ( Rule-File-Text rule type) in the stream.
url Encode a URL string on an HTML form with the Pega Platform keywords.
when Test a Boolean condition or when rule, and include or exclude source text based on the results.
withEmbedded Change the current embedded page.
withPage Change the current base page.
withReference Make a new property the currently active property.
withTarget Override the control rule that applies to a property.

Additional tags can appear within the scope of one of these tags. These additional tags are documented with the enclosing tag. For examples:

  • elseassert tag, within the assert tag
  • key, within the lookup tag
  • option, within the url tag
  • otherwise, within the choose tag
  • param, within the listview tag