properties-mapping JavaServer Page tag

Use the properties-mapping JSP tag to enclose a list of from-to property mappings defined by the <property-map > JSP tags. This tag appears as an optional part of the listToList JSP tag.

For example:

<pega:properties-map >
	<pega:property-map from=".A" to=".ALPHA" />
	<pega:property-map from=".B" to=".BETA" />

In this example, a property named A on an embedded pages of a source Page List is mapped to a property named ALPHA on the embedded pages of a target Page List property. Similarly, property B is mapped to BETA.

Complete syntax

In the syntax presentation below:

  • JSP delimiters <pega:...> and </pega:...> mark the start and end of the tag.
  • Replace any text in italics with your choice of value of that type.

	<!-- one or more pega:property-mapping JSP tags in this format: -->
	<pega:property-mapping from="propertyref" to="propertyref" />

At least one <pega:property-mapping ....> tag is required. For the <pega:property-mapping > JSP tag, both the from and to attributes are required.

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