withEmbedded JavaServer Page tag

Use the withEmbedded JSP tag to set the current embedded page during stream processing to a different embedded page. The new page applies only to HTML or XML code within the body of the withEmbedded tag.

Here is an example:

<pega:withEmbedded name="$this(7)" > 			Enter your HTML and/or JSP tags here.		</pega:withEmbedded >

Complete syntax

In the syntax presentations below:

  • JSP delimiters <pega:... > and </pega:...> mark the start and end of the tag.
  • Replace text in italics with your choice of value of that type.
<pega:withEmbedded name="embeddedpagestring" > Enter <pega:reference name=".Surname" /> here.			</pega:withEmbedded >

The name attribute is required.

Attribute Value
name An embedded clipboard page name, which may include the keyword $this.


  • $this
  • $this.myPage
  • $this(3)
  • $this(string that represents the group ID)

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