withReference JavaServer Page tag

Use the withReference tag to identify a new property as the active property for a limited scope. The new property applies only to HTML or XML code within the body of the withReference tag.

Here is an example:

<pega:withReference name=".pyStatusWork" > <!-- XML or HTML source here --></pega:withReference>

Within the scope of this tag, you can use the keyword $this-value to identify the active property set by this tag.

Complete syntax

In the syntax presentations below:

  • JSP delimiters <pega:...> and </pega:...> mark the start and end of the tag.
  • Replace any text in italics with your choice of value of that type.
<pega:withReference name="myReference" > Enter your HTML text and JSP tags here. </pega:withReference>

The name reference is required.

Attribute Value
name A reference to the new property that is to become the current active property. For example:
  • A single scalar destination property
  • $this — for the current page
  • $this.propertyname

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