Configuring Facebook Get Started button

Each Facebook chatbot definition contains predefined system responses to user input. You can configure the chatbot to initiate the interaction by displaying the Get Started button and an initial greeting message. The greeting message is displayed only when the Get Started is enabled. If you decide that the Get Started button is displayed, the welcome message is displayed after the user presses the Get Started button. Otherwise, the welcome message is displayed after the user initiates the interaction.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant in your application. You must also obtain and install the Facebook channel component from Pega Exchange.
  1. Open a Facebook channel interface.
  2. Click the Behavior tab.
  3. In the Options section, select the Show 'Get Started' button checkbox to display the Get Started button in your chatbot.
  4. In the Greeting message field, enter the text for the greeting, for example: Welcome to a chatbot powered by Pega Platform.
  5. Click Save.