Simulating a chatbot conversation

Before moving a Facebook or a WebChat chatbot to a production environment, you can verify whether the chatbot is working correctly by using the preview console. You simulate a chatbot conversation by testing system and custom responses based on commands or other input that you enter.

You can simulate a chatbot conversation in the preview console once you save a Facebook or a WebChat channel interface configuration.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook in your application. You must also obtain and install the Facebook channel component from Pega Exchange.
  1. In the preview console, enter a command or a greeting message, for example: hi
    A response is displayed, for example, a question asking for user input.
  2. Optional: Configure a question.
    1. Next to the displayed question, click the Configure icon.
    2. In the text area, edit the text for the question.
    3. Click Save.
  3. Optional: Configure the response and its command.
    1. Click the Configure icon next to the displayed response.
    2. In the Name/command field, add a new or edit an existing command or greeting message entered in step 1.
    3. From the Response type list, select a response type.
    4. In the Response text field, enter new text for the response, or, optionally, click Use existing to select a predefined text for the response.
    5. Click Submit.
  4. Optional: Add a command for a generated intent.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to test and configure additional questions, commands, and responses for the chatbot.
    After you have fully tested and configured the system and custom responses from the preview console, the Facebook or WebChat chatbot is ready for a production environment.