Updating the NLP model for a Facebook channel

You can update the natural language processing (NLP) model for a configured Facebook channel by reviewing record items that were saved by Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook.

Before you begin: 
Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook in your application.
  1. Open a Facebook channel interface.
  2. Prerequisite: Enable the NLP model for training.
  3. Click the Training data tab. A list of record items that were not yet reviewed, is displayed.
  4. Edit a record item.
    1. Optional: In the Topic list, select a topic name.
    2. Optional: Edit the record item content.
    3. Click the Edit icon.
    4. In the Update text field, edit the chat conversation text.
    5. Click OK.
  5. Optional: Repeat step 4 to edit additional record items.
  6. Select the record items for which you want to update the NLP model.
  7. Click Update model with selected items.