Map-Structured method

Use the Map-Structured method to invoke a map structured rule ( Rule-Map-Structured rule type) to assemble a text property value from property values on a clipboard page, or disassemble a single text property value into other property values.


This method has three parameters:

Parameter Description
Direction Select the direction of processing:
  • Map From Clipboard — Assemble one structured value from multiple clipboard properties.
  • Map To Clipboard — Disassemble a single structured string into multiple clipboard properties.
Map Identify the second key part (Purpose) of a map structured rule. At runtime, rule resolution uses the class of the step page (or the class of the primary page of the activity) as the Applies To key part to retrieve this rule.
Property Enter a scalar property reference that is the source of the input data structure (when the Direction is Map From) or the destination data structure (when the Direction is Map To).

Enter only properties that have a character-oriented type, such as Text, Date, DateTime, Identifier, Time of Day, or Decimal. Do not use Double, TrueFalse, Integer, or Password properties.

If the Direction is Map From, you can enter a linked property reference here.


The Map-Structured method works as follows:

  1. Locates the map structured rule using rule resolution.
  2. Uses information in the Mapping tab of the rule to parse the value of the property identified in the Property parameter into other clipboard values, or to assemble the value of that property from other clipboard values, depending on the Direction parameter.
  3. If the direction is Map From Clipboard, the value of properties listed on the Mapping tab are copied to the character offset position, truncated (if necessary) to the length specified in the Length field, padded and justified according to information on the Mapping tab.
  4. If the direction is Map To Clipboard, the mapping is executed in the reverse direction. The value of the property in the Property parameter is disassembled into the multiple properties listed on the Mapping tab. No padding or justification occurs. If the mapping defines a character length longer than the Max Length size of the property, the value is truncated to the Max Length size.

Property validation does not occur.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.