Map Structured rules

Use a map structured rule to define a two-way mapping between clipboard properties and a fixed-format record structure or text property value.

The following tabs are available on this form:

At runtime, when mapping from clipboard properties to an output file, the rule can convert the characters from the default representation to another character set.

When both sides of the mapping are properties, the map can be performed in either direction.

For fixed-format structures, map structured rules provide a simpler alternative to Parse Structured rules, which are needed when the data structure is complex or varying, or conditional parsing is required.

Where referenced

In an activity, you can use either two methods to reference and execute a map structured rule:

  • The Connect-File method, when data from the clipboard is to be mapped into a fixed structure and output into a file.
  • The Map-Structured method, used to break down one property value into one-or-more other property values, or to assemble the structured value from property values.


Use the Records Explorer to list all Map Structured rules available to you.


Map Structured rules are instances of the Rule-Map-Structured class. They are part of the Integration-Mapping category.