Obj-Validate method

Use this method to apply a validate rule ( Rule-Obj-Validate rule type) for the object identified on the primary page or step page.

Use the Page-Validate method — not this method — to validate all the properties on a page against the requirements defined in their respective Rule-Obj-Property rule instances.

A later Page-Clear-Messages method applied to the same page removes the messages set by this method.

A validate rule (Rule-Obj-Validate rule type) can call edit validate rules (Rule-Edit-Validate rule type). However, note that the current step page is not the primary page for evaluation of the edit validate rules.


This method has two parameters:

Parameter Description
Validate Enter the second key part of a validate rule to apply.
OverrideClass Optional. Enter the name of a class where rule resolution will begin searching for the Validate rule.

If blank, rule resolution begins searching for the validate rule on the class of the step page. You can override the class of the step page with a higher or lower class.


The system uses rule resolution to find the validate rule specified by the parameters. It then applies the validation rule to the properties on the step page (or primary page if the Step Page column is blank). If any validations fail, the system adds messages to the page.

Ordinarily, if any property fails validation, the page cannot be saved from the clipboard into the database.

Checking the method status

This method does not usually update the pxMethodStatus property.