About Validate rules

Use validate rules to help users enter valid property values into an HTML form or to validate data received from another system or source. A validate rule can test input values against conditions defined as part of the rule. When a value does not pass the tests, the system adds one or more messages to the clipboard page containing these values, marking the page as invalid.

The following tabs are available on this form:

By using validate rules, you can optionally tailor the error messages displayed at run time to fit your needs, or use the standard error messages.

Creating a validate rule is simpler than creating a custom activity that validates user input.

Note: Validate rules are different from edit validate rules. Edit validate rules require Java programming skills to develop. Validate rules can call edit validate rules. Your system includes a number of standard edit validate rules that you can use as is, or copy and tailor for your needs.

Where referenced

Rules of three types can reference validate rules:

  • Flow action rules, to validate user input
  • Activities, with the Obj-Validate method
  • Correspondence rules, to validate user responses to prompts

To execute a validate rule during initial entry of a work item, create a validate rule named onAdd with a work type as the Applies To key part. The standard activity Work-.Add causes a validation rule with that name to execute.


Use the Application Explorer to access validate rules that apply to the work types of your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all validate rules available to you.


Validate rules are part of the Process category. A validate rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-Validate rule type.