Requestor-Stop method

Use this method to halt processing of the requestor and log off the requestor. This method operates on the pxRequestor page.

To log off browser-based users, a preferred approach is to call the standard activity Code-Security.LogOff with parameter pzAuth set to guest. Your application does not need to use the Requestor-Stop method directly except in unusual cases.


This method uses no parameters.


When all processing associated with the current request is complete, the system checks the property pxRequestor.pxStopPending, and takes appropriate action. The Requestor-Stop method takes action after the current client input message is completely processed (so as not to delete the client connection out from under the running activity). If a user tries to send input again, the user receives an HTML display that indicates the connection is no longer valid.

Checking the method status

This method is always successful. You can't check for errors from this method.

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