Thread-Stop method

This method is deprecated for new development.

Use this method to delete the pages of the current requestor, and optionally log off the requestor.

To log off browser-based users, a preferred approach is to call the standard activity Code-Security.LogOff, with parameter pzAuth set to guest. Your application does not need to use the Thread-Stop method directly.


The Thread-Stop method has one parameter:

Parameter Description
SignoffRequestor If set to Y, then when this method executes, the system logs the requestor off after stopping this thread, by stopping all other threads for the requestor and clearing the requestor information.

Default is N.


All user pages for the current Thread are deleted. If SignoffRequestor is set to Y, then the requestor (and hence all other Threads) are deleted after processing of the current user interaction completes. The pxThread page is not deleted.

Checking the method status

No status is returned.

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