Client Clipboard

Client Clipboard is used on Android and iOS mobile devices to view offline data and debug data processing issues. It provides a way to query both cases and data, regardless of the connection status of the mobile device that is running a custom mobile app in offline mode.

Note: For detailed usage instructions, see the Viewing offline data and debugging issues with the Client Clipboard article on the Pega Community.

Client Clipboard interface

After you have installed the mobile app on your device, shake the device. This gesture displays a Client Clipboard interface, which contains the following elements:

  • The Clipboard pane - the left side of the screen, displays different types of Pega Platform data objects that are stored in the Client Store, including data pages, sections, and rules. Each data object can be an expandable node. Clicking a node unfolds a list of lower level nodes, which can also be expanded.
  • The Dashboard pane - the right side of the screen. After you tap a data object in the Dashboard pane, it displays a map of Property - Value pairs that provide detailed information.
    Note: If either the property or the value has been automatically truncated, tap to view the full label in a pop-up window.
  • Icons - they perform the following actions:

    • Close - Collapses the Client Clipboard interface.
    • Reload - Refreshes the contents of the Client Clipboard interface by retrieving the most up-to-date data from the Client Store. It also collapses all expanded categories in the Clipboard pane.
    • Synch - Forces Client Store synchronization with Pega Platform.
    • Trash can - Clears the contents of the Client Store, as well as of the interface.
    • Home - Collapses all expanded categories in the Clipboard pane and resets the Dashboard pane.