Custom mobile app

A custom mobile app is a native application for Android or iOS device platforms, which you can build on the Channels and interfaces form, to run a specific Pega Platform application.

Compared to the Pega Mobile Express application, a custom mobile app gives you access to a number of important functions, listed below.

  • Offline capability - Enables access to an online and offline rendered version of a user case portal. The end-user can create a new case and complete any of the assignments listed in the worklist while working offline.
  • Custom branding - Enables building mobile apps with your company's icons, colors, and styles.
  • Uploading custom modules - Lets you upload custom modules that have been created to extend the functionality of the Pega Platform mobile apps.
  • Push notifications - Allows custom mobile apps to automatically push notifications to a mobile device.
  • Building mobile apps - Lets you configure, compile, and test custom mobile apps for different mobile platforms.
  • Distributing mobile apps - Allows you to distribute custom mobile apps using different distribution channels.
  • Advanced features - Allow advanced developers to use the Touch ID functionality of iOS devices, invoke special activities, use JavaScript APIs, or build custom modules, developed in the target platform's programming language.
  • Troubleshooting features - Lets you view offline application data, as well as system information and settings, to debug you custom mobile app.