Contents of the branding assets package

You can customize the branding of your custom mobile app by uploading your own images as a single .zip file.

The package that is used in the simplified use case contains the following directories:
  • android - Contains a group of drawable- <resolution> folders that store the splashlogo.png graphics used as splash screens for different screen resolutions; the notification_icon.svg file, displayed in the notification bar when the location services are active; the keepalive_icon.svg file, displayed in the notification bar after a custom mobile app is paused; and the icon_round.svg file, displayed on the desktop of selected devices that support rounded launcher icons.
  • common_assets - Contains the icon.svg file that is displayed on the desktop, both in Android and iOS devices.
  • ios - Contains the splashlogo.png file that is displayed as a splash screen and the Icon-72.png file that is displayed on the Mobile apps form.
Other directories that are present in the file are not related to custom branding.