Uploading branding assets and custom modules

You can upload the assets.zip file to the Pega Platform. The assets.zip file can contain branding assets that you prepared to customize the appearance of your custom mobile app, and custom modules that you developed to extend the functionality of your custom mobile app.

Pega Platform validates the file that you uploaded. If there are issues with the file, various error messages can be displayed to help you solve the problem.
Note: If you are unable to resolve the problem, search for the Build fails because the updated assets.zip file cannot be uploaded section of the Troubleshooting Pega Mobile Client Pega Community article.
  1. In Dev Studio, click the name of your application, and then click Channels and interfaces.
  2. Click a custom mobile app icon.
  3. Click the Build tab.
  4. In the App branding section, click the New icon.
  5. Click Upload zip file.
  6. Click Browse or Choose File and select the assets.zip file from your directory.
  7. Click Upload file.