Configuring the Map control to display user tracks

You can track users who use an offline-enabled custom mobile app to complete cases assigned to them. You must configure the Map control before you can display user tracks and job locations.

Before you begin: See Tracking mobile users with the Map control for a list of tasks that must be completed before you proceed.
  1. Click the View properties icon and configure the Map control:
    • In the Markers section, clear Enable markers to disable static markers and prevent interference with the tracking functionality.
    • In the Users section, select Enable users filter to display user locations on a map.
    • In the Tracks section, select Enable tracks to display user tracks on a map.
    Data page details for the user and track lists are automatically populated. For more information, see Map control properties.
  2. Optional: To display markers that represent job locations, in the User Markers section, select Enable user markers and provide a data page that passes a list of places that users must visit.
  3. Click Submit.