Selecting a portal for a custom mobile app

If you do not want a custom mobile app to run in the default portal that is specified in the access group for the application, you can select a different portal. A portal provides an intuitive, results-focused workspace for the application. For example, you can create a different custom mobile app for each portal that is defined for the application.

Before you begin:  To select a different portal, you need to first associate it with the access group for the application.

If you select a portal, it is used for a custom mobile app no matter what portal is defined in the default access group.

  1. In Dev Studio, click the name of your application, and then click Channels and interfaces.
  2. Click a custom mobile app icon.
  3. Click the Build tab.
  4. Expand the Advanced section below the App branding section.
  5. Select the Select portal check box, and then select a portal from a list that is displayed.
  6. Click Save.