Pega API

You can use the Pega API to power client and mobile apps by using built-in Pega REST services. It includes case, assignment, and data APIs that let you extend your Pega Platform applications. The APIs are secured by user credentials and TLS/SSL. You must switch from App Studio to Dev Studio to configure security for the Pega API, which is the api service package.

You can access the Pega API from either Admin Studio or Dev Studio:
  • In Admin Studio, click Resources > APIs.
  • In Dev Studio, open the Resources menu and click Pega API.

In the API, you can perform the following actions:

  • List parameters
  • View the JSON data model for each resource
  • Test an API by clicking Try it out! to view the actual request URL, response body, response code, and response headers

For more information about the Pega API, see Pega API for Pega Platform 8.1 on the Pega Community.