Triaging a feedback item

Actively triage feedback items to create relevant work items that you can track to closure.

  1. In the footer of Dev Studio, click the Agile Workbench icon.
  2. Click Feedback to view a list of feedback items.
  3. Click the name of a feedback item.
  4. In the Description field, review the requested feature enhancement.
  5. Consult your product owner to determine whether to implement the enhancement.
  6. Click Mark as..., and then select an option, based on your decision.
    • New story - The enhancement requires functional changes that you can break down into tasks.
    • New bug - The enhancement is a small issue or defect.
    • Rejected - The enhancement is irrelevant or out of scope.
  7. Provide details in the work item that you create from the feedback item. For more information, see:
  8. Click Save.

If Agile Workbench is integrated with Pega Agile Studio, the stories and bugs are synchronized with Pega Agile Studio.