Tips for editing spreadsheets of specifications and requirements

You can modify, add, and delete application specifications or requirements in an Excel spreadsheet. After you edit the spreadsheet, you can import the edited spreadsheet to apply the changes to your application.

Consider the following tips when you edit specifications or requirements in a spreadsheet:

  • The standard values and restrictions for fields in the spreadsheet are the same as if you created a specification or requirement by using a rule form, or modified data on an existing rule form.
  • Modifying the key part of an existing row creates a copy of the specification or requirement.
  • Deleting a row in the spreadsheet does not delete the corresponding specification rule or requirement rule.
  • Separate multiple inputs in a cell by using the Alt + Enter keys.
  • Data for cells in the following columns is not validated on import:
    • User Story Name
    • Use Case Name
    • Requirement ID
    • Short Description
    • Description
    • External Req. ID
    • Actors
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Preconditions
    • Post-Conditions