Exporting specifications and requirements

You can export spreadsheets that contain information about application specifications or requirements. These spreadsheets are useful for distributing information to stakeholders, applying updates, and creating specifications and requirements in bulk.

  1. On the Dev Studio Application Profile landing page, click the Specifications or Requirements tab. Items that are filtered from this view at the time of export are not included in the generated Excel file.
  2. From the Actions menu, click Export to Excel. Wait for the system to generate the Excel file.
  3. After the file is generated, click the message that displays in a pop-up window to save the file on your local system. Keep the default .xlsx file extension.

    The following message displays: Excel file created. Click here to save <Application Name>_[...].xlsx file locally.

  4. Close the pop-up window.

After you export an Excel spreadsheet for your specifications or requirements, you can make the following changes:

  • Add a new row for each specification or requirement that you want the system to create on import.
  • Modify non-key parts of existing rows to update specifications or requirements.
  • Modify key parts of existing rows to create copies of existing specifications or requirements.
  • Delete any row. Deleting a row does not delete the corresponding specification or requirement rule.

As a best practice, specify a unique name for an edited spreadsheet. Specifying a unique name reduces the possibility of accidentally overwriting the file the next time you export specifications or requirements.