Adding or editing charts from the Report Editor

You can add a chart to a summarized report by launching the Chart Editor from the Report Editor. To include a chart, a report must have aggregated data.

  1. Run the report that you want to update.
  2. In the Report Viewer, click Edit report.
  3. In the Report Editor, click Add chart or Edit chart, depending on whether a chart is already defined for the report.
  4. From the Chart Editor toolbar, use the following options to specify the chart type and subtype, the title, and format:
    • All chart types – If the chart type you want is not displayed in the toolbar, click this option to select a chart type and its subtype from a list of all available charts.
    • Title – Specify the chart title and text formatting in the Chart title modal dialog box.
    • Color settings – Display and define the color options for the chart.

      Options include:

      • General color settings – Define general color settings for the chart, such as the background color, whether to use solid colors or gradients in 2D charts, and the palette of available colors.
      • Conditional colors – Define colors that conditionally apply to chart elements based on numeric values and group by column valueup by column values. For example, you can specify that columns in a column chart with values over 100 display as red. Each conditional color consists of a condition, a value, and a HEX value color code.
      • Threshold colors – Define colored lines or regions that display on the chart grid. For example, on a line or column chart, you can display a red line that is parallel to the X-axis at a value of 100 on the Y-axis. Each color threshold consists of a condition, a value or range of values, a HEX value color code, and an optional label.
    • General settings – Display and define general settings for the chart.

      Options include:

      • Format options – Specify the font size and weight for labels, the chart size, the chart version, and if applicable, whether to display the chart in 3D.
      • Legend/Slider options – Select the check boxes to specify whether to include a legend and slider control with the chart.
      • Enable user commands – Select the check boxes to specify the chart options that are available to users when the chart displays in the Report Viewer. You can enable users to switch between 2D and 3D charts, maximize the chart size in the window, and show detailed data in an embedded chart.
  5. In the Data pane, specify which columns to include in the chart by dragging and dropping columns from the Available columns list to the drop zone.
  6. In the drop zone, click the Gear icon to set column-specific format settings on the Data settings form.
  7. In the Preview pane, preview the chart data and appearance.
  8. Click Apply changes to save the chart.