Adding columns to reports

In the Report Editor, the Data Explorer provides an efficient way to find a property or calculation to include as a column in a report.

  1. Open the report in the Report Editor.
  2. Find a property or calculation by using the search box or by navigating the following tabs:
    • Best Bets – Displays the properties that you are most likely to use in your report.
    • All Matches – Displays all of the properties that are available for you to use in the report.
    • Calculations – Displays SQL functions that you can use in the report. You must specify the input for the SQL function by using the Calculation Builder. The result of the calculation can populate a column in the report.
  3. To add a column, drag and drop a property or calculation to a location before or after an existing column in your report.
  4. Click Done editing to save your changes.