Editing filter conditions

In the Report Viewer and Report Editor, you can edit the filter conditions that restrict which rows of data are included in a report. Typically, filter conditions are displayed above the report results. Filter conditions that you can edit are displayed as hyperlinks.

  1. Run the report that you want to edit.
  2. In the Filtered by section of the Report Viewer or Report Editor, click the hyperlink for the filter condition that you want to edit.
  3. In the Edit filter modal dialog box, edit the filter condition. You cannot change the column name that the filter conditions applies to.
    1. In the first field, select a relationship operator for the condition from the menu. For the relationship operators Is null or Is not null, you cannot specify a comparison value.
      Note: For properties with a PropertyEncrypt access control policy, only the Is equal and Is not equal operators are permitted.
    2. In the next field, specify comparison values for the condition. Use the following methods for specifying comparison values:
      • Type one or more values, separating multiple values with a comma. Enclose text values that contain spaces or special characters within quotation marks, for example:

        "operator name", "division"

      • Specify the name of a property, or use the SmartPrompt option to select the name of a property from a list of Best Bets.
      • Specify an expression by using the Calculation Builder.
      • Click Select values to select a value from a list of valid values for the column.
  4. Optional: In the Filter caption field, specify a caption to display in place of the actual filter condition in the Filtered by section of the Report Viewer or Report Editor.
  5. Select the Use null if empty check box to use a comparison value of NULL if a comparison value is not specified.
  6. Select the Ignore case check box to perform case-insensitive comparisons.
  7. Apply your changes.
    • In the Report Viewer, click Apply. Your changes are applied to only this view of the report results.
    • In the Report Editor, click Apply changes to update the filter for the report.