Modifying result columns in summarized reports

When you view the results for a summarized report in the Report Viewer, you can modify the columns to sort the results and change the column formatting. These changes apply to only the current view of the report results.

  1. Run the report that you want to view.
  2. In the Report Viewer, right-click the header for the column that you want to modify.
  3. From the column menu, modify a column by using the following options:
    • Heading – Update the text in the column heading.
    • Format – Select a valid format for the data values in the column. Some formats require parameters.
    • Width – Specify the column width in pixels or as a percentage of the window width.
    • Delete – Remove the column from the report.
    • Sort – Sort the values in the column based on whether you select Lowest to highest or Highest to lowest.
    • Display values across columns – Display column values horizontally when the values for a column display vertically within a single column. This option creates a pivot table.
    • Display values vertically – Display column values vertically within a single column when the values for a column display horizontally across columns.
  4. Optional: From the Actions menu, you can print the report results and export the results to a PDF file or Excel workbook.