Report Editor

The Report Editor provides tools and resources to help you edit a report. The Report Editor shows the name of the report, and the date and time when the report ran.

From the Report Editor, you can complete the following tasks:

  • Change the name of a report.
  • Search for text within the report by using the search field. Click the search icon repeatedly to move from instance to instance of the search string in the report.
  • Find a property or calculation to include as a column in the report, or to use in defining a filter condition, by using the Data Explorer panel.
  • Convert a list report to a summarized report, or a summarized report to a list report.
  • Specify the sort options for columns.
  • Specify whether to use simulated or actual data when using the Report Editor.
  • Set filter conditions that restrict which rows of data are included in a report.
  • Change the order of columns, modify column settings, or delete columns.
  • Create or edit a chart in a summarized report by using the Chart Editor. In the Chart Editor you can complete the following tasks:
    • Select a chart type and subtype, and specify format settings.
    • Specify the data to include in the chart, and set column-specific formats and settings.
    • Preview what the chart will look like as you make changes.