Configuring client-based access control for a non-Pega data source

By default, client-based access control applies to personal data that is stored in the Pega Platform database. By doing additional configuration, you can also apply client-based access control to non-Pega databases and other data sources.

For client-based access control of personal data that is not stored in the Pega Platform database, you can write activities that access, rectify, and erase the personal data on your external data source.

For information about the overall CBAC process, see the Pega Community article Supporting EU GDPR data privacy rights in Pega Infinity with client-based access control.

  1. Create three activities: one to access, one to rectify, and one to erase data on your external data source. If possible, these activities should return the results in JSON format.
    • For a database, the activity can call one of the RDB methods to operate on a Connect SQL rule.
    • For a data set, the activity can call DataSet-Execute.
    • For a data flow, the activity can call DataFlow-Execute.
    For example, a statement to return the step page in JSON format is similar to the following. After calling this, you remove the step page.
  2. Create a client-based access control rule, or open an existing rule from the navigation panel by clicking Records > Security > Client Based Access.
  3. Configure your access control rule as described in Configuring a client-based access control rule.
  4. In the Activity name fields, enter the names of the activities that you created in step 1 for Access, Rectify, and Erase.
  5. Click Save.