About Data Set rules

Data sets define collections of records, allowing you to set up instances that make use of data abstraction to represent data stored in different sources and formats. Depending on the type selected when creating a new instance, data sets represent Visual Business Director (VBD) data sources, data in database tables or data in decision data stores. Through the data management operations for each data set type, you can read, insert and remove records. Data sets are used on their own through data management operations, as part of combined data streams in decision data flows and, in the case of VBD data sources, also used in interaction rules when writing results to VBD.

The following tabs are available on this form:

In addition to the data sets you define in your application, there are default data sets:

  • pxInteractionHistory
    • Class: Data-pxStrategyResult
    • This data set represents InteractionHistory results. It is used to read and write the captured response information to the Interaction History data store through activities or data flows.
  • pxAdaptiveAnalytics
    • Class: Data-pxStrategyResult
    • This data set represents adaptive inputs. It is used to update the adaptive data store through activities or data flows.
  • pxEventStore
    • Class: Data-EventSummary
    • This data set is used to read and write events data that you create in the Event Catalog. It can store a number of events details (such as CustomerId, GroupId, CaptureTime, EventType, EventId, and Description) and reference details that are stored outside of this data set.

Only one instance of each of these data sets exists on the Pega Platform. You cannot create more instances or modify the existing one.

Where referenced

Data sets are referenced in data flows and, through the DataSet-Execute method, in activities.


Use the Application Explorer or Records Explorer to access your application's data set instances.


Data set instances are part of the Data Model category. A data set rule is an instance of the Rule-Decision-DataSet rule type.