Agents rule form — Completing the Security tab

Use the Security tab to specify the access group to be used for agents whose queue mode is Legacy, or agents whose queue mode is Advanced but they do not use the agent queue functionality.

If you do not specify an access group for legacy and advanced agents that do not use the agent queue function, the Pega Platform uses the access group specified in the Batch requestor type (that is, the Data-Admin-Requestor instance named Batch).

Note: For agents with the Standard queue mode, you do not need to specify an access group. For standard agents, each queue item is processed in the authorization context of the user whose actions or processing (work item, assignment, and so on) generated the queue item. If you do specify an access group, the specified access group overrides the default access group in the appropriate ruleset.
  1. Optional: In the Access group field, specify the access group to use for agents listed in this rule.
  2. Optional: To allow this agent to run activities that require authentication, even if the agent is not authenticated, select the Bypass activity authentication check box.