Function Alias rules

A function alias rule has one of two types: Java function or SQL expression.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Depending on the alias type, different fields appear on the Reference and Generated Output tabs.

Java functions

Function aliases of this type provide natural-language descriptions and prompting for input parameters to an underlying function rule.

You need to create and test the function before defining a function alias rule that references it.

You cannot define an alias for a function that returns a complex Java type.

SQL expressions

Function aliases of this type provide compact packaging of complex SQL expressions that can be used to query a database. They are defined in the Embed-UserFunction class.

You can use one of the SQL function aliases or configure a new one with the Calculation Builder.

Where referenced

Java alias functions can be used in collections, decision trees, when condition rules, Declare Expression rules, and constraints rules.

SQL alias functions rules support the development of report definitions.


Alias function rules are instances of the Rule-Alias-Function class. They belong to the Technical rule category.