More about Function Alias rules

> Testing

> Java function alias rules

For Java function alias rules, after you save the rule, click the Preview toolbar button to see the runtime presentation of the function alias, as it appears at runtime when users select the function alias from a selection list.

Click the Run toolbar button to test the function alias rule.

> SQL function alias rules

For SQL function alias rules, after you save the rule, if you click the Preview toolbar button, the description and template of the SQL expression the function alias makes available is displayed.

> Parent Class

The Rule-Alias-Function class is a subclass of the Rule-Utility-Function class, through directed inheritance. ( Pega Platform contains no Rule-Alias- class.)

Note: Some Java functions accept property references as parameters. To have the Expression Builder present a list of property alias names rather than property names, define Rule-Obj-Property-Alias rules for each property that you want to appear on a prompt list, and assign them all to a single category.