Flow Marker form – Understanding the Inputs tab

The Inputs tab shows you the flow data that is saved in the flow marker from a unit testing run of a flow. This data represents the inputs and conditions at the point where the flow marker was created.

This tab is best used to examine the initial clipboard pages so that you can review the initial properties and values that were used when this flow marker was saved. If you change values here and then save, inconsistent results from using this flow marker might occur. Instead, to update a saved flow marker with new input data, the best practice is to play back the associated flow test case and overwrite this flow marker during the playback.

Data Transform
Read-only. The name of the data transform that was used to create a test page in the unit test run of the flow (typically, pyDefault ).
Initial Pages
When testing rules, sometimes clipboard pages are created, loaded, or copied before the rule can run. These pages are saved when you create a flow marker, so that you don't need to recreate the initial conditions before jumping to that flow marker in the execution of the flow. Use the controls in this section to view those pages and examine the initial properties and values.
Input Parameters
For review only. A list of the test data that was used — the input properties and their values. If you make changes here and save them, inconsistent results might occur when this flow marker is used.